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05 December 2015 @ 12:10 am
A very touching father's letter  
reposting this parenting lost from rocketnews article http://en.rocketnews24.com/2015/12/01/japanese-netizens-moved-to-tears-over-story-of-dad-teaching-daughter-how-to-handle-alcohol/

this is based on an excerpt from @kyusyugirl1 tweet, about how touching her dad's way of teaching her about alcohol handling..

When I hit the drinking age, I think my parents were worried about me but didn’t know what to do. They knew that no matter what they said I’d just do what I wanted anyway, so they were stuck.

Finally, one day my dad said this to me:

“Hey Reiko, let’s go out drinking together sometime! I’ll take you wherever you want and you can order whatever you want. We can go to some fancy place. Drink all you want. Drink until you can’t anymore. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure we get home. You feel free to go crazy.”

It felt really weird being told my dad to “drink all I wanted.” Wouldn’t Mom be mad at me if I came home drunk?... Dad said he’d treat me to whatever I wanted, so I decided to take full advantage of the opportunity...

...The next morning when I woke up in bed I felt awful. Not only from the hangover, but also the embarrassment of having drunk so much last night in front of my dad. I didn’t really want to face him after my drunken display last night.

But when I went to the living room, Dad was already gone. My mom gave me a note he’d written for me on the back of some advertisement. It read:

“To Reiko. Last night was fun. We should do it again sometime. Also, do you know how much you drank last night to get in that groggy state? You had two beers and five chuhai (shochu high-ball). That’s your ‘limit.’ So from now on, when you go out drinking with friends, be sure to stop before you reach that limit. The world has some bad people in it, and some of them may want to take advantage of you. I can’t be around to protect you, so that’s why we did this, so you can know your own limit and protect yourself. I know you can do it. Love, Dad.”

And I proceeded to eat my breakfast in tears.

Mom told me that she and Dad had been worried for a long time how to best tell me all this. Rather than forbid me from doing things they knew I’d do anyway, Dad decided to show me how to take care of myself.

And for that I thank you, Dad. Because of what you did, I never went past my “limit.” I never had any problems with alcohol. I had fun out drinking with friends and never get hurt, thanks to what you taught me.

I am who I am today because of you, Dad. And I can’t think you enough.’

i envy how thoughtful her dad.. i wish this same goes for mine but T^T i don't want to specify details but there's so much depressing factors and hurtful words from him in just this past few months *.* then i stumbled this article.. and got teary eyed and hurt inside *mou~
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