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[sticky post] news strawberry lyrics review

finally read the translation of news'15th anniv song!!! 😍😂😂😂😂💕💕💕💕💕💕 i'd like to compile their other written lyrics

“Share”: [ 同じ星が今見えるなら僕らはただそれだけでいい]
( If we are all seeing the same star now, then for us it’s fine the way it is now )

“愛言葉〜てをひいて”: [ 同じ星が今見えるならただそれだけで]
( If we can see the same stars now, that alone is enough )

"Strawberry: [暗闇に迷うたび
( Whenever we’re worried in the dark
Let’s look up at the moon
Towards the future we’re being guided to )

my review here..Collapse )thank you news for your wonderful lyrics, music and lots of inspirations.


Movie Review - Toki o Kakeru Shoujo

this review was randomly posted on my facebook exactly last year~ FEELS 😂😂😂😂

this franchise never fail to make me cry!! anime movie, special drama and this live action film!! 😂😂😂 good thing i watched them in that order, i'll recommend this pattern👌 major spoilers ahead...Collapse )

Movie Review - Over Drive

it's been ages since i'm craving for a story with no love story involved at all!!! aaaahh i never thought this is it ahaha
Read more...Collapse )


Drama Review - Kahogo no Kahoko

hisashiburi lj!
mid-year rl update.. i landed a new job this april www and i've been busy since then. this july i got lots of free time at office 👀 so i decided to try a jdrama after a long time! Read more...Collapse )

Happy 15th Anniv NEWS

posting this while listening to Strawberry 🍓

one twitter post asked what's the one word that reminds us of NEWS and i instantly remembered Koyama's term for all his jweb reports:(member)愛: group dynamics, empowering and motivating lyrics you never fail to convey for us fans, and the special bonds i've built through this fandom 😍😭

「愛( I )がなくては生きていけない」

You can't LIVE without LOVE..
Even if we suffer defeat
Even if we’re at 0
Using all of the life we’ve been given
Until we burn out, we’ll live on


i may not be as active as before, i'll be forever grateful! i'm really wishing to attend your concert someday soon! please let me and my treasured friends watch you guys together 🙇💕




planning to do this (in one go hahaha)! maybe on a holiday~ and i'll probably have an anime version too (cos my watched anime is now growing)

Day 01: Your Favorite Jdrama
Read more...Collapse )