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30 Day NEWS Challenge ~ Day 29

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Day 29: Song that motivates you

Nantoka Naru Sa
It'll be all right, don't worry.. if you continue, you'll be all right
Tomorrow's weather will also be fine... don't be hasty
If you don't want to cry, try smiling
No matter how tough it is, if you smile
Unexpectedly good things come, and tomorrow's weather will be fine.

Be Funky
No matter how difficult your life is, you might as well enjoy it..
Isn't it better to fail, stand up and turn to your dreams again..
this shining world cannot stop expectations, love and the future.. Just enjoy them.. It'll only happen once in my life
Before you regret it, get to your feet, alter your adversity for luck and growth. Get over that obstacle towards the future and go forward

Full Swing
This is not the end
It's the end of hestitation, face forward
And try to challenge myself
Even the dreams that are crumbling down
Just believe that they will come true

Smile Maker
Smile, during the hard times, show as many smiles as there are hardships
Raise your voice, wow, burst into smiles, goes on
Let's smile, even if it's not for ourselves, but for others
The joyful faces we cause will give us strength

You'll become stronger tomorrow, so right now let those tears flow
More and more, clear out your heart
And stuff it full with courage
You'll become stronger tomorrow, so right now let those tears flow
Those quietly falling frustrations
Will surely become your strength, that's why
For today, let's just cry it all out...
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